Friday, December 11, 2009

The reason that i picked Jackson Pollack's NO. 5 for my blog is because of one reason and one reason only, it was the for expensive painting that has ever been sold. And if im correct, it was worth roughly about 150 million dollars, which is absolutly INSANE!!! I cant belive someone could use that money to help fight cancer, or feed needy kids around the world, or even pay for shelters some where for homeless people, but that person decides to blow all that money on a painting that i could do??? It makes me so incredibly mad and frustrated i dont even know where to being....its just a bunch of paint scribbled everywhere and has no real design and i will say it right now, it takes ZERO SKILL. Does the end product look good with all of the colors in it and everything, of course, but like i said its nothing that i couldnt have done. I think its completely obsurd that our world has come to someone paying that much money for something like this.
This next piece i absolutly can not stand. I couldnt find who ever made it or the name and its probably a good thing because i would feel like throwing it back in there face if i ever saw them. This is so stupid because of what it represents and it drives me crazy. I cant stand that people today would try to make something as bad as cigarettes try and seem like its a cool thing to do by advertising a muscular joe camel? I mean how much lower could people get...and overall the art on the poster isnt even that great either.
For this next post, i could not find the artist or even the name of this piece of work but i thought that it was one of the coolest contraptions that i have ever seen. The way that you get sucked into the figure it almost feels as if your in a tunnel about to go for a ride or something of the sort. I think that it is a bunch of pieces of wood and the way that i feel when i'm just looking at it almost starts to make me dizzy just beacuse i feel as if im going for a ride. I also appreciate how long it probably took who ever made this to make it and in the long run i think that it was totally worth it because they ended up making an excellent piece of art.

The reason that i really liked this painting which is done by Raphael and is called Rapahel paints wisdom, is because its a self portrait, and i also think that it is a self model of how he depicts himself. I really love the way that he makes him self seem smarter just by making a light green color for the background, putting the expression on his face, and then making his clothing all darker, it's just absolutly spectacular. I'm very fond of this because of the way that makes him self look as well and i think that is just awesome, because it takes a man full of lots of confidence to do something like Raphael does in this painting, and i think its just great.

The reason that i picked Vincent Van Gogh's flowers in holland was because i thought that the realism of this painting was absolutley incredible especially for it being a hard painted painting. The way that he puts detail into the sky and the houses and i can't forget the beautiful flower patchs full with just different colors, i think its just amazing. It almost makes me feel as if i were in holland looking into this beautiful field that mr. van gogh has put out and worked so hard on. Overall i think this is definitley one of my most favorite paintings of all time.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I couldnt find the artist name for this piece of art, but its called G-Swan. ITs done digitally and right when i saw it i fell in love it. The texture and tone and the vibrancy that you get from it by just looking at it is pretty much breathe taking. The detail is absolutly stunning and it seems almost real. I think if there is one thing that the artist could have done better is make the background more colorful but that might just take away from the essence of the art work, but overall i think that this is a beautiful piece of art work and that is why i chose it.

The reason that i chose this picture for my blog post was because i really liked the way it had so many vibrant colors and how it pretty much glows. I really think that it looks like a star and that the person who painted this did an amazing job with the the symetry and i think its very trippy personally. I think the use of all the colors was a great choice by the artist and i think that its a beautiful mixture and painting all together.