Friday, December 11, 2009

The reason that i picked Jackson Pollack's NO. 5 for my blog is because of one reason and one reason only, it was the for expensive painting that has ever been sold. And if im correct, it was worth roughly about 150 million dollars, which is absolutly INSANE!!! I cant belive someone could use that money to help fight cancer, or feed needy kids around the world, or even pay for shelters some where for homeless people, but that person decides to blow all that money on a painting that i could do??? It makes me so incredibly mad and frustrated i dont even know where to being....its just a bunch of paint scribbled everywhere and has no real design and i will say it right now, it takes ZERO SKILL. Does the end product look good with all of the colors in it and everything, of course, but like i said its nothing that i couldnt have done. I think its completely obsurd that our world has come to someone paying that much money for something like this.

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